from by Utstøtt



Great ships sail through the waves
mighty oak upon cobalt tides
Warriors of Odin pray to Njordr
with spear and axe, prepared to die

Thunder roars
As ocean turns violent
Waves begin to crash
As first death tolls
Horns now sound
the battle has begun
Pagan's might vast
and strength untold

Death begins with blade against blade
Blood is spilt and oak is burned
Swords clash, drowned out by waves
Chants thunder over death this day

Blades may dull
Breaths be taken
Death will toll
Men forsaken

Waves may pass
And names forgotten
But Thor will stand
To honor the dead

Pagan lands
of fjords and mountains
by old tradition

Axes drawn
shields at the ready
Sail through the waves
prepared for death

Ships shall sink
and corpses with them
Ocean's wrath
Brought upon us

Lives will end
wrought with honor
For Aesir await
In the land of the slain

Halls of gold
and oak await us
horns of ale
and endless battle

Journey's end
shall be in asgard
Odin and Freya
protectors of men


from Hjørungavågr, released February 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Utstøtt Oregon

A one man Epic Black Metal band from Oregon.

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